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Guhring is today one of the world’s leading suppliers of rotary cutting tools. The current product range includes more than 1,370 different tool types and in excess of 43,000 different products.

The reason of our success are our 5,500 employees – 2,500 alone in Germany –, who daily provide the company with their know-how and creativity in order to develop, produce and distribute products that are innovative as well as market satisfactory.

In addition and with growing success, we also offer our customers a re-grinding and re-coating service and a complete tool management – for the duration of the entire tool life.


Tool Division

Tools are our core business. We know of no other competitor who produces an equally large range of rotary cutting tools, especially in carbide. We produce tools in all current tool materials, from HSS to carbide and from PCD to ceramic.

Guhring project teams are involved in the development of production machines from the beginning, advising, submitting ideas and ensuring an optimal tool application. Or alternatively: the customer transfers the complete machining of complex workpieces, for example an engine block, to our project team. This includes determining suitable tools, if necessary with application data.


Service Division

Not only does the application of high-tech tools demand a specific expertise, re-grinding and re-coating requires a certain know-how that many re-grinding centers are unable to offer, particularly for the re-coating process. It is here we have identified a gap in the market, which we aim to close with our recently created “Service Division”.  A courier service collects and delivers tools to meet customer needs.

“Tool Management Service” is a further addition to our range of responsibilities. We take over the tool administration and supply from the user, resulting in extremely interesting potential savings.


Carbide Division

For the last 15 years Guhring has developed and produced its own carbide in two plants especially for the precision tool industry but increasingly also for various applications not related to cutting operations, as for example in the mining and civil engineering industry, recycling industry, consumer industry etc.. This enables us to adapt the tool materials for our own carbide tools to always optimally correspond to the newest requirements.

Today, with an annual production of 1,500 tons, Guhring is one of the largest carbide producers. The product range starts with a simple 1.2 mm diameter round bar extending up to isostatic pressed rolling rolls of 360 mm diameter.


Machine and Equipment Division

Manufacturing accuracy, product quality and international pressure for cost reduction - the main criteria for any production are met by designing and building our own state-of-the-art machines. However, this does not mean that we don’t buy machines as a matter of principle. But we do develop the most important production components ourselves: from grinding machines and coating plants to highly accurate measuring equipment.

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Guhring oHG
P.O. Box 100247 • D-72423 Albstadt
Herderstr. 50-54 • D-72458 Albstadt
Telephone: +49 74 31 17-0
Fax: +49 74 31 17-2 79


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