HSS Smart Guide - Spanish

Welcome to the fascinating world of metalworking with HSS cutting tools! Welcome to our HSS Smart Guide! 

Why "smart"?

First because we have assembled the expertise of the members of the HSS Forum.
Second, because special emphasis has been placed on smart drawings and photos which provide explanations at a glance.

And finally, because this is a guide for smart machinists, always ready to explore all the possibilities offered by HSS cutting tools. It provides both basic education and advanced training about machining technologies involving HSS cutting tools: drilling, tapping, reaming, milling, broaching, gear cutting and sawing.

For each technology, information is given to help you:

  • > choose the most appropriate tool
  • > improve productivity and machining results.

The properties of HSS tool materials and coatings are reviewed, and the latest technical developments are discussed. 
We hope this guide proves useful for you.

Spanish version