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HSS Forum Conference 2005

New Global Technologies and Trends
Chairman: Eugen Valerius, HSS forum, Hohnstorf / Germany

01. New technologies in the cutting tool industry
Eugen Valerius, HSS forum, Hohnstorf / Germany 
Adeline Riou, Erasteel, Paris / France

02. Trends and Developments in Production Engineering
Prof. Dr. Fritz Klocke, WZL, RWTH Aachen / Germany 

03. Latest Developments in Machine Tools
Prof. Dr. Christian Brecher, WZL, RWTH Aachen / Germany


New Developments in High Speed Steel and Surface Engineering
Chairman: Hubert Lenger, Böhler Edelstahl GmbH & Co KG, Kapfenberg / Austria

04. Friction, Adhesion, Fundamentals, Wear Mechanisms in Metal Cutting
Prof. Sture Hogmark, Uppsala University / Sweden 
Dr. Mikael Olsson, Uppsala University / Sweden 

05. PM Production and Applications of HSS
Dr. Olle Grinder, PM Technology AB, Stockholm / Sweden 

06. Grinding of High Speed Steel
Dr. Jeff Badger, Erasteel, Bulverde / USA 

07. Cutting Edge Preparation and Surface Issues
Prof. Agr. Dr. Joël Rech, Ecole Nationale d'Ingénieurs de St-Etienne / France 

08 Latest Developments and Applications in Coating Technologies
Dr. Wolfgang Kalss, Balzers AG, Balzers / Liechtenstein 

HSS Tools for High Performance Processes
Chairman: Dr. Fabrizio Resmini, Dormer Tools, Milan / Italy

09. High Speed Steel and Cemented Carbide in Drilling Applications
Rudolf Birk, Gühring oHG, Sigmaringen / Germany 

10. HSS-Tools in Gear Manufacturing for Commercial Vehicle Applications

Dr. Manfred Kleinjans, DaimlerChrysler AG, Gaggenau /Germany 

11. High Performance Tapping and Thread Forming
Thomas Zeus, Emuge Franken, Lauf a.d. Pegnitz / Germany 

12. Modern Tool Design of HSS End Mills
Dr. Stefan Lux, Fraisa SA, Bellach / Switzerland 

13. High Performance Broaching
Isao Hori, Nachi-Fuijikoshi Corp., Tokyo / Japan 

14. Efficient Sawing of Tubes and Bars
Ake Stromhielm, Ovako Steel AB, Hofors / Sweden 
Jan Tiberg, Erasteel Kloster AB, Söderfors / Sweden 

Application of HSS Tools
Chairman: Ed Tarney, Crucible Specialty Metals, Syracuse / USA

15. Application of HSS Cutting Tools in the Mechanical Engineering Industry

Prof. Diethard Thomas, Fette, Schwarzenbek / Germany 

16. An Overview of HSS Cutting Tools Dedicated to Powertrain Manufacturing in the Automotive Industry
Dr. Hatem Khanfir, Renault, Rueil Malmaison / France 

17. Application of HSS Cutting Tools in the Aerospace Industry
Véronique Zerrouki, Alain Martinez, Snecma Moteurs, Evry Corbeil / France 

18. Ecological Manufacturing by Toyota Motors

Hiromi Yoshimura, Toyota Motor, Toyota City / Japan