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Erasteel, part of the Alloys Division of ERAMET, is the world leading producer of gas-atomized PM steels and alloys.

Erasteel produces:
- Conventional and PM high speed steel
- Metal powders: nickel-base and cobalt-base alloys as well as stainless steels, HSS and tool steels.

Erasteel’s industrial sites are located in France, Sweden, the UK, the US and China.

Erasteel has more than 400 years of experience in metallurgy. More specifically, Erasteel pioneered the gas-atomization process in Söderfors, Sweden more than 40 years ago.

Thanks to the most advanced technology in powder metallurgy, Erasteel has established strong positions on high added-value products.

The company serves the tooling, the automotive, the aerospace, the energy and other industrial markets with high performance steels and alloys.

Conventional and PM high speed steels

Erasteel offers a wide range of high speed steel grades and alloys for high performance tooling and component markets.

The PM HSS alloys produced by Erasteel are sold under the brand name ASP®.

Product forms include round and flat bars, strips, edge wire, etc.

Products made with Erasteel’s high speed steels include:

  • cutting tools such as taps, drills, milling cutters or gear cutting tools
  • saws
  • knives
  • cold work punches and dies
  • parts for the extrusion or injection of plastics
  • automotive components

A member of ERAMET
ERAMET is a leading global producer of:
- Alloying metals, particularly manganese and nickel, used to improve the properties of steel,
- High-performance special steels and alloys used in industries such as aerospace, power generation and tooling.

ERAMET is also studying or developing major projects in new metals with high growth potential such as lithium, niobium and rare earths, as well as in recycling.

The Group employs approximately 14,000 people in 20 countries. ERAMET is part of Euronext Paris Compartment A and is listed on the MSCI index.

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Tour Maine Montparnasse
33 avenue du Maine
75 755 PARIS CEDEX 15
Tel. +33 1 45 38 63 00
Fax. +33 1 45 38 63 24


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Erasteel - Corporate brochure
Erasteel - High speed steel offer
Erasteel - ASP® for premium tools