Company Info

Forecreu is family owned and runs in the specialty metals processing.

Over 90% of sales are conducted internationally with affiliates in several major countries.

All manufacturing processes are under the same roof to guarantee quality and reliability in supporting its customers worldwide.

Processes include hot extrusion & drawing of bars with holes.

FORECREU, with its Tooling division, is a world leader in high speed steel hollow bars for manufacturing of oil hole feed rotary cutting tools.

Products include:

  • High speed steel bars with 2 twisted or straight holes for production of coolant fed & MQL drills,
  • Central hole high speed steel bars for production of oil hole & MQL taps,
  • Tool steel bars with straight or twisted holes as body for carbide head drills which are used in sectors like automotive, aeronautics, energy and their subcontractors.

Available grades include M2, M35, PM30, PM15, PM52, H11 etc.

Contact Info

Address: 20bis rue du Vieux Bourg, F-03600 Commentry, France
Tel : +33 4 70 64 43 37
Fax : +33 4 70 64 52 94
Sales office:
Address: Chemin de Saint Amand, ZI de la Brande, F-03600 Malicorne, France
Tel : +33 4 70 64 43 37
Fax : +33 4 70 09 08 70


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Images & Docs

Forecreu - Central hole HSS bars
Forecreu - Drilling in construction stee...
Forecreu - TGP-3 - General Process
Forecreu - TGT2 - Geometrical tolerances
Forecreu - Coolant bars
Forecreu - HSS coolant fed
Forecreu - HSS bar with two holes
Forecreu - HSS bar with straight hole
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